I’m going to pull back the curtain on a process that should be transparent.


“I want to share the truth about a process that has been cloaked in mystery for decades. That’s why I’ve started Admissions Revolution, so I can change the landscape of the college admissions process.”

Sara Harberson, Founder of Admissions Revolution, has devoted her career to making college accessible to students from all over the world. Today, Sara’s mission is to transform how students get into college—her “Admissions Revolution” puts students in the driver’s seat, armed with the knowledge they need to gain acceptance to their dream colleges.

Sara founded Admissions Revolution to provide students and their families with the information they need to get into college. Instead of cramming all her knowledge into a book, Sara has embraced the era of technology and multi-tasking, creating a digital library of videos covering every imaginable college admissions topic.

Once a regular speaker to crowds of thousands, Sara now reaches the masses through a single camera lens. Her message is universal. It’s the truth about a process that has been cloaked in mystery for decades. With Admissions Revolution, Sara is changing the landscape of the college admissions process. No more mystery. No more confusion. No more secrets.



After graduation from Hamilton College in Clinton, New York, Sara joined the University of Pennsylvania as an admissions officer, starting on the trajectory to her current mission. In her nine years at Penn, Sara climbed the ranks to become second-in-command as the associate dean of admissions. She traveled the country visiting hundreds of high schools and meeting tens of thousands of students, and easily reviewed over 100,000 applications, including hundreds of thousands of essays and letters of recommendation. She chaired the Admissions Committee, hired and trained admissions officers, served as the liaison to the athletic department, and oversaw countless admissions initiatives. While working full-time in the Admissions Office, Sara received her master’s degree in higher education from Penn’s Graduate School of Education.

At 32, Sara became the youngest dean of admissions in the country at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. While there, she transformed the financial aid process to make F&M more affordable and accessible to all students. But her own family was growing. After three years, Sara stepped out of the limelight to be a full-time mom.

Still, she couldn’t keep her mind off the high school students who needed access to all the college admissions secrets she knew. It was those students who inspired Sara to return to work. As the director of college counseling at the Baldwin School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Sara has worked with students who remind her of herself at that age.

During her 150-mile round trip commute each day, Sara’s mind doesn’t stop. Her head catalogs all the information colleges have, but do not share with prospective students and families. So, right before she gets on the road each morning, or sometimes just after she pulls into her driveway at the end of a long day, Sara takes five minutes to share her insights, and the secrets and stories no one has ever publicly revealed. It’s this work that has become Admissions Revolution.

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