Free Trial – Product Plans

The first 7 days on Admissions Revolution are absolutely free and you may cancel at any time. After 7 days, your account will begin being charged for the annual or monthly subscription plan you’ve chosen. When you select the annual subscription, you pay for one year (12 months of service) at a discounted fee.


We offer monthly and annual subscriptions for certain services. You’re automatically charged as appropriate; once a month if you selected a monthly subscription and once a year if you selected an annual subscription. You can update your billing information, change your subscription from monthly to annual billing or contact us to cancel your subscription at any time. For those services that are subject to a one-time (or non-recurring) fee, you’ll be charged this fee at the time you order these services.


If you cancel your services, your cancellation takes effect on your next billing cycle. This means we won’t be able to refund you for any unused portion of your services. For example, you chose a monthly subscription on July 1. On December 1, your credit card is charged as usual. On December 12, you decide to cancel. No further charges will be made to your credit card, but you will not receive a refund for the period of December 13 through December 31. This cancellation policy applies whether you’ve chosen a monthly or annual subscription plan.