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What do you want—and need—to know about getting into college? We’re sharing the truth about a process that has been cloaked in mystery for decades. From Getting Into Gear, to Navigating Turns, Heading to the Finish, and Acceptance, Admissions Revolution is your free trusted online resource for real advice, candid truths and step-by-step guidance that will help you get into college. We even share the “Dirty Little Secrets” that you’re not supposed to know.

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Admissions Revolution Features


Admissions Revolution Features


The written guides can be essential for navigating your journey. These are the matching downloadable guides for every video. They go even deeper into the details and share invaluable college admissions tips and secrets.

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Our Annual Timeline (with a corresponding digital calendar!), checklists, guides, and more. These are just a few ways you gain insights into the college admissions process with Admissions Revolution.

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Admissions Revolution Features

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“I’m scared that my grades and extracurricular activities are not going to make me look good enough on my application.”

ADMISSIONS REVOLUTION is your free online resource for insider advice, candid truths and inspiring information.

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