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Get real advice and step-by-step guidance that cuts through the confusion of getting into college. Admissions Revolution explores every facet of the college admissions process—from standardized testing and college visits to Early Decision and why colleges use waitlists, from understanding selectivity and the committee process to financial aid and gapping—dispelling myths and exposing truths along the way.

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getting_into_gear_colorGETTING INTO GEAR

  • Advice for Middle School Parents
  • Building a List of Colleges, Parts 1 & 2
  • College Open Houses
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Facebook Live Q&As:
    • Classes & Curriculum
    • College Admissions 101
    • Planning for Summer
    • The College Essay
  • Five Steps for Writing a Great College Essay
  • Four Ways to Apply to College
  • Independent College Counselors
  • Standardized Tests
  • Summer Academic Programs
  • Summer Vacation
  • Teacher Recommendation Letters
  • The High School Transcript
  • The Role of Your Guidance Counselor
  • The Summer Checklist
  • Three Types of Applications
  • Understanding your PSAT Scores
  • What Every High School Junior Needs To Do
  • Your College Essay

navigating_turns_colorNAVIGATING TURNS

  • Applying as a Pre-Med Student
  • Applying to Engineering Schools
  • Applying to Ivy League Schools, Parts 1 & 2
  • Brand Name Schools
  • Facebook Live Q&A: Filling Out the Common Application
  • Getting Started With Financial Aid
  • International Students
  • Learning Differences, Parts 1 & 2
  • Test Optional Colleges
  • Test Preparation
  • The Back To School Checklist
  • The College Interview
  • The College Visit
  • The Game Changer-Athletics
  • What to Do If You Get a Bad Grade

heading_for_finish_colorHEADING FOR THE FINISH

  • Communicating With Admissions Officers
  • Deferred: Optimizing Your Chance for Admission
  • Holistic Admissions
  • How Decisions Are Made
  • How to Get Off the Waitlist
  • Senior Year Matters
  • Those Mysterious Admissions Officers
  • Why Colleges Use Waitlists
  • Your Application—Perfected for Months, Read in Minutes


  • Can Admissions Decisions Be Reversed
  • Negotiating Your Financial Aid Package
  • Spring Admissions
  • The Gap Year
  • The May 1st Deadline

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AR_bundles_icon_activeDIRTY LITTLE SECRETS

  • Dirty Little Secret: Demonstrated Interest
  • Dirty Little Secret: Colleges Are Big Businesses